Sunday, July 29, 2007

Acqua Teen Hunger Force

I Caught The Flu

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lost But Not Forgotten

"I already had a lot of crab today." Lala

"It'll hurt whoever I want it to hurt." Homeson L

"Do you guys play red light green light in the bathroom?" Likes

"The problem is... with science." Free

"I just got back from Cancun and it was shweet." Likes

"What are you doing this year?
Putting on 30 pounds bitches." PJ

"I'll be laughing at homeless people." PJ

"Only terrorists work on the 4th of July." Homeson L

"Reverse baleen." Homeson B

"This guy's got a lazy stroke." Homeson L

"I dumped that lamb." Homeson L

"You have a vertical jump." Bob Barker

"Pimp that Webers." Homeson B

"Goodbye bad guy." Crunch

"That one smelled like Subway." Free

"If you want a f!@#ot get a f!@#ot." Homeson L

"I hope they fire me on Monday." Crunch

"The first one wasn't even a shower, I just washed my body." Crunch

"If your bitch is fat and wants to go to the gym..." Anonymous

"Watch me get some AIDS and kill everybody." Homeson L

"Sugar Bitch." Homeson L

"He's just a BG." Homeson L

"Straight back, me, Homeson, Pat Riley." Homeson L

"I hope he goes back to the Army and gets shot in the face." Homeson L

"You look gola." Homeson L

"What if you have to smash a K11 on the head?" Homeson L

"Penis folding is a sign of the highest level of friendship." Lala

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fudd...Ruckers...Bitch! and Why Doesn't He Like This?